I remember as a kid I was constantly drawing. And painting. And writing. (And playing with Star Wars action figures.) I was obsessed with movies, and almost enjoyed the album artwork on records more than the music. My parents encouraged me to pursue my artistic side in college and apply to an arts school, but for some reason, I was clearly too sensible for that. Instead, I majored in English (which is great, because I use it every day) and became a magazine writer, then editor, then Editor in Chief of a national magazine.

But the pictures…they always captured my attention just as much as the words, and I found myself wanting to create them almost more than I wanted to write about them.

In 2006, I jumped off the Risk Cliff and quit my job in publishing and went back to school to study what I finally understood was my true passion, photography. I attended Art Center College of Design and fell in love: With strobes. And soft boxes. And beauty dishes. And reflectors. I had no idea what I was doing, but I loved every moment of it. And I still do.

My love of movies and pop culture influenced the direction I took with my work, and while I'm still finding my style, there's a bright, loud, not-quite-over-the-top poppy sensibility that seems to have emerged that I'm still honing, still nurturing and still refining. I hope it's something I never stop doing.

My work has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, People (in English and Español!), Cosmopolitan, Elle Canada, Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Seventeen, TV Guide, and I've shot title sequences for TV shows on ABC and NBC.


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